Please use this form to contact us. We still have a massive email backlog situation and most often Brigitte cannot reply straight away. She tries to make sure your overall waiting time for your whistle is not longer than if she were able to contact you straight away with information. You would be lastest contacted by her when the key you are looking for is finished for choosing with me. If you have technical questions or specific requests for a whistle and Brigitte asks you to call me, please call. It is often easier for me to explain or demonstrate with a whistle on the phone what you like to know than via emails back and forth. In any case feel free to call us if you are worried it takes longer than expected for us to reply. You can find our phone number in the Impressum page. It would be good to also add your phone number so that we have an alternative way to contact you. 

* Please also read the News page to be aware of the delay in answering emails at the moment  because of health problems*roblems*

Please calculate 9 plus 7.